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Arthur & Friends @ Greenway Flowers
Location: Hackettstown, NJ
Suburban Model is collaboration between and an existing garden center and a non-profit
Photo of the inside of a greenhouseThis model brings together a well-established agricultural business that was struggling to redefine itself in light of current buying trends. Large “box store” had forced them to close both of their greenhouses and were impacting their ability to stay in business. We built a new greenhouse where the old and unsuitable greenhouse had stood and equipped it with a hydroponic system. This facility opened in June of 2010 and has generated new and returning business, community and organizational interest while employing graduates of the Sussex Greenhouse and training new individuals.

Kessler Foundation and ARRA are providing funding for this facility.

Arthur & Friends… Urban Training Center ORANGE
Location: Orange, NJ
Urban model using a toxic lot in a city neighborhood
Photo of a greenhouse.This first of many urban training facilities opened in March of 2010 and was funded through collaborations with a for-profit company: Garden State Urban Farms, a grant from the 1772 Foundation and in-kind and financial support from HANDS, Inc a non-profit neighborhood development organization.

The first organization to receive training in the “The Arthur and Friends Urban Greenhouse and Training Center” was the Prodigal Sons and Daughters Re-Entry Services. Prodigal Sons and Daughters Prisoner Re-entry Program Inc. (PSD) mission is to provide support to exoffenders who are returning to society and ready to make amends and a positive impact to the community they once violated. To date, 200 exoffenders have been through various training and mentoring program led by PSD and have maintained a zero recidivism rate. Their aim now is to
create a number of small businesses in order to teach the graduates both concrete and soft job skills while simultaneously building their resume and work experience.